as happy as possible…

I believe I’m as happy as it is possible to be.

I’m not crying out in ecstatic pleasure, or streaming tears of joy, but I am very happy. It’s not a peak of happiness, but a plateau of happiness that can go on for as long as I live.This is a happiness I wish on everyone alive. The question then is, what are the factors that contribute to my happiness? Here’s what I don’t have:

  • A huge house
  • Massive wealth
  • Fancy clothes
  • A nice car
  • A powerful job
  • Cable TV

And I don’t believe having any of those would contribute to greater happiness than I already have. Here’s what I do have that contribute to my happiness:

  • Time
  • Loving relationships
  • Meaningful work
  • Health
  • Books
  • Enough

The first six are seen as the goals of society by many people. The second six make me very happy, and I believe I have them because I decided to forget the first six. I recommend this path.

Damian Paderta
Damian Paderta
Webgeograph & Digitalberater